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Soothing Skin Protectant - Promotes Healing
Soothes - Provides A Moisture Barrier.

Ben's Baby Butter
Diaper Rash
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Ben's Baby Butter - This is the greatest, quickest acting product that I have ever used on a baby's diaper rash! I started mixing this product in the 1970s while attending pharmacy school at Northeast Louisiana University. When our first son was born in 1979, we needed something for diaper rash! The best product that I knew of was this formula. Nothing else, sold over the counter, could match it! Well, things grew from there.

After purchasing Red River Drugs in 1984, customers would come in and want something for diaper rash or skin fold rash. I would always have to mix them a jar because I knew that it worked! Over the counter products simply would not do the job. As more and more customers started requesting the mixture for diaper rash, skin fold rash, bedsores, cracked fingers, and on and on, I decided to name it "Ben's Baby Butter." Everyone liked the name, so it stuck!

Ben's Baby Butter is now a registered trademark and has been sold all over the country. Ben's Baby Butter promotes healing, soothes, and provides a moisture barrier. It has been used on diaper rash, skin fold rash, jock itch, bedsores, heat rash, shingles, abrasions, feminine irritation, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, cracked fingers and hands, and many other skin irritations.

~ Ben Jowers

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